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By P.P.G. Dyke

This complex undergraduate/graduate textbook presents an easy-to-read account of Fourier sequence, wavelets and Laplace transforms. It gains many labored examples with all recommendations supplied.

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4 Determine the Laplace transform of the step function defined by Solution itself is bounded, so there is no question that it is also of exponential order. The Laplace transform of is therefore Here is another useful general result; we state it as a theorem. 3 If and in general Proof Let us start with the definition of Laplace transform and differentiate this with respect to to give assuming absolute convergence to justify interchanging differentiation and (improper) integration. Hence One can now see how to progress by induction.

1 Determine the Laplace transform of the sine function switched on at time . Solution The sine function required that starts at is where We can use the Heaviside step function to write The second shift theorem can then be used by utilising the summation formula so This may seem a strange step to take, but in order to use the second shift theorem it is essential to get the arguments of both the Heaviside function and the target function in the question the same; in this case . 4 Inverse Laplace Transform Virtually all operations have inverses.

Let be the minimum of all possible and be the maximum of all possible A lower bound or supremum for the set is therefore and an upper bound or infimum for the set is . These bounds are of course rough. There are exact bounds for and , call them and respectively. If , is said to be Riemann integrable in and the value of the integral is or and is denoted by For the purist it turns out that the Riemann integral is not quite general enough, and the Stieltjes integral is actually required. However, we will not use this concept which belongs securely in specialist final stage or graduate texts.

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